Melanie McSally - Profit Optimization and Automation Expert

Training While Traveling


When I was working in corporate, creating a routine that included athletic training was super easy; ride or run to work, go to the pool at lunch, and ride or run back home. I would add and remove as my training required and get the real distance / load I needed in on the weekends. […]

I Love Running On Clouds

Cloud Waterproof Shoes

Between exercising, sightseeing, and commuting, I spend a lot of time on my feet. When I was a child I ran around without shoes on. I loved the feeling of the grass and beach sand on my feet. I grew up in a rural beach town – a town and neighborhood where it was safe […]

Let’s Start @ the Beginning…

Whenever I’m starting something new it’s always hardest to think about where or when to start. I feel incredibly blessed that this time I get the rare opportunity to start at the beginning. Well, I guess I should clarify, this isn’t technically the start of this journey, but it’s the start of a new chapter […]