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Melanie McSally is one of the country’s leading authorities on streamlining businesses to maximize profits. She graduated top of her class in engineering school and in her Master of Engineering Management program and holds a number of certifications, including a Lean 6-Sigma Black Belt. She has helped top institutions transform teams and revamp processes. She’s written and delivered courses for top institutions like Harvard University, has helped businesses at all levels, across a number of different industries, She has been a senior executive at multiple top institutions like Eze Software, Berklee College of Music and Harvard University, and now speaks all over the world. Melanie learned early in her career how to navigate politics, accomplish goals, and become an accomplished and respected leader in technology. In her free time, Melanie sits on the board of three non-profits all with the common theme to help lift and empower others. She is a competitive triathlete, and she has a passion for helping those around her optimize their path to success.

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I had the extreme delight and privilege to host Melanie as a Speaker at WEBO Network’s Accelerate Summit during our themed day about Systems and Operations. Her talk was about how to maximize profit and streamline business through marketing. Her presentation flowed nicely, there was an abundance of value and she was highly engaging with the audience and not only were her tips outstanding, but her personality really shined through! You could see the attendees appreciated her knowledge and experience in the space of knowing how to capture, convert and retain leads. Our members were thrilled with the information she delivered, and I will definitely be asking her back - again - in the future! -Hollie Clere
I've had the honor of traveling and speaking with Melanie McSally before everything went virtual. Melanie brings so much value to every stage and event she speaks on. She truly cares about her audience- and the way she teaches about technology is a testament to her years of experience. She's able to break it down and keep it simple. She stays on time, on point and delivers great value. I've invited Melanie to speak at many of my Connect Summits, Media Mastery Bootcamps and to be a speaker at my private VIP masterminds. My clients adore her! (plus, she's fun to travel with) -Angel Tuccy
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