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The Trick to Time Zones & Jetlag

This is going to be another one of those “easier said than done moments”, but here it is, the trick to never feeling jet lag is to stop doing the math in your head and start living in the present moment.

The faster you can stop saying “it’s XYZ time back home” and start saying it’s ABC time here so I’m going to do what I normally do at ABC time, the faster your body will be your ally and adjust to the time.

It’s really a parallel to life – the faster we live in the present – stop straddling the past or living for the future – the faster every part of us and the world around us gets on board supporting us in achieving success.

This was recently put to the test for me as I travel through Iceland at a time when they are experiencing daylight 24×7. I realized how much my body and my mind were tied to doing things based on the transitions of the day. 

The sun rises and we rise, the sun sets and we relax and eventually go to bed. I thought, I’ve finally found the loophole to my own strategy. What I found was, I wasn’t living in the present; I was living it what is supposed to be true. It’s 9am so I should be awake; it’s 11pm so I should be sleeping, but the fact of the matter is, when I just slept when I was tired, ate when I was hungry, and was active when I felt good, then eventually my body just felt into alignment and started supporting me.

So if you’re struggling with a time change, ask yourself, are you working in harmony with your own body, living in the present moment, and honoring your own needs? If not, then you now know what to do to feel more grounded and yourself again in your new location!