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Where in the World is That Entrepreneur?

This post is number three of a 3-part series. Click here to read part 1, which describes the beginning of my journey as an athlete. Click here to read part 2, which describes the beginning of my journey as a small business owner.

I am writing this post on June 16th, 2021, just 4 days away from the day I moved out of my friends house to vacation for a month in Salem, Massachusetts with my parents. It’s also just under 15 months from the day I moved into their house. It’s kind of kismet that I find myself staying with these friends just moments before a set out on the next phase of this journey.

It was in this house, with these friends that the Wyzetribe name came to be. It was in this house, we these friends that we brainstormed ideas, and I started gaining my confidence as an entrepreneur. And it was with these friends that I was part of an Ultraman Canada team and a contributor to the success on one amazing athlete crushing her goals, winner her age group, and demolishing a record. It was in her words of encouragement to me of how I contributed to her success, that I knew it was the universe’s way of literally vocalizing to me that I was on the right path.

3 days after my anniversary of moving out of my friends house and into a Salem airbnb, I will find myself setting off to live in another airbnb, this time in Iceland. The borders are open and I am once again going global. I’m not yet sure where my journey will lead, but that’s all part of the gift of being a digital nomad – living in the moment and going in the direction the universe takes you. I’m setting out on a new adventure that I’m calling: Where in the world is that entrepreneur.

Where in the world is that entrepreneur is born out of my desire to make a bigger impact. To reach, help, and bring awareness to more people in the world. To expand my bubble to grow my perspective. To learn more, do more, and become and even better version of myself in the process. It’s about bringing my passions in life together into one initiative – health & wellness, travel, and business – specifically, being able to being able to run my business from anywhere in the world.

For now this blog will serve as the medium, but I see it growing into a podcast or on-demand streaming show. The goal is to accomplish 3 main objectives:

How I run my business from Boston, to how someone runs their business from a small village in Italy, to how someone runs their business from one of the Cook Islands is going to be very different. Someone once asked me – How can you build global services, if you don’t understand the needs of everyone in the world? When you think about advantage and privilege, this becomes a very good question. What someone needs and what is available to them, are two very different things – a concept that is not so easy to grasp for those that have always had every advantage and privilege in life.

I am so excited to broaden my perspective and learn and grow from the people I meet along the way. The best inventions are those that solve a problem for the inventor and can be scaled to help millions or more. And it is often in times of necessity or crisis that those inventions come; the ergonomic peeler came out of a man’s desire to help his wife who had arthritis.

I can’t wait to hear these stories. To share stories of triumph and bring awareness to stories of struggle. I’m ready to get back to seeing the beauty in the world and sharing with you the amazing people in this world. I can’t wait to explore both the explored and the unexplored. To share my lessons as well as those from the people I meet along the way. I take such joy in seeking to understand, asking what someone needs, and helping them if I’m able. This journey is going to be epic and I’m so excited to have you along with me.