Media, PR, & Book Publishing

Media, PR, & Book Publishing

You’ve probably heard me say it a million times, find partners that solve for the problems you create for your clients. At WyzeTribe, we take care of all of your technology needs. We’ll build your funnel; we’ll plug those holes and turn your strainer in to a high-converting Marketing & Sales funnel.  Funnels are just […]

The Design Your Life Tool

Oola Independent Ambassador

Have you ever seen a show where the character asks the universe to send them a sign? Have you ever finally taken a step in a direction you’ve been contemplating forever, and then just like that, things start falling into place? You start to see these signs all over the place that tell you, you […]

Where I Lodge…


I’m not going to lie I’m not faithful to one app, hotel, etc… I have a list of my requirements and I search for the option that comes the closest for the cheapest price. My requirements vary based on my destination and type of trip, but they usually go something like: wifi, safety, cleanliness, and […]