Melanie McSally - Profit Optimization and Automation Expert

The Design Your Life Tool

Have you ever seen a show where the character asks the universe to send them a sign? Have you ever finally taken a step in a direction you’ve been contemplating forever, and then just like that, things start falling into place? You start to see these signs all over the place that tell you, you are heading in the right direction.

In the personal growth world, they call that “on path and purpose”. This has happened on so many occasions in my life that I now quite literally take a step, wait for feedback from the universe, and aim my next step accordingly.

Recently, I redesigned my website, this website, around this new adventure I’m on – to show you that it IS possible to design and live your perfect life, whatever that means to you. My plan was to just live by example and share my experiences.

I launched it, and literally days later a friend introduced me to a tool… wait for it… that allows you to physically enter your current state, design your future state – aka perfect life – and then walks you through creating the roadmap – aka turn-by-turn directions to get from this (current) place to that (desired) place. 

How perfectly aligned is that? Better yet, I tried it out to make sure it was a tool worth recommending, and I found out that I can create a team – a community of people I can mentor to achieve their own perfect life, but don’t take my word for it – watch this video from the cofounders to find out exactly what this tool can do for you and why they created it in the first place.

Now that you know what Oola is all about and what it can do for you, if you’re interested in trying the tool out and being on my team, go ahead and click here. You can choose to focus on solely yourself and become a member of the Oola family, or you can also mentor those around you and build your own Oola family by becoming an ambassador like me; either way, you’ll be part of my and the greater Oola family. 

By the way, the official launch isn’t until July 7th (two days before my birthday, just saying), which means by clicking on my link you’ll be getting early access – just be sure to use Chrome as the other browsers do not launch until, well, launch day